The programme presented is in preparing stage and will be updated continuously.

Day 1, Monday 29-11-2021


Registration in the foyer opens


Quick lunch in congress hall


Roche Satellite Symposium #1

Topic: Emicizumab, the journey continues in the era of non replacement therapies

- Welcome and introduction

- Long-term outcomes with emicizumab from the HAVEN 1-4 studies
Maria Elisa Mancuso (MD, PhD), Milan, Italy

- Experience from the UK of emicizumab in patient population without inhibitors
Charles Hay (Prof.), Manchester, UK

- Discussion/Q&A

Moderator: Jan Astemark, Professor 

12:45-13:00 Short break

Welcome! Formal opening of the conference


Session #1

Topic: Haemophilia

- Haemophilia care in 2030
Michael Makris, Professor

- Inhibitor management in an era of new treatment options
Jan Astermark, Professor

Severe haemophilia B in the Nordic countries- a report fram the B-NORD study
Kristina Kihlberg, MD, PhD-student

Moderators: Margareta Holmström and Fariba Baghaei


Coffee break and exhibition


BioMarin Satellite Symposium #2

Topic: Key learnings from Gene Therapy Clinical Trial Research: a Nordic Perspective

- Welcome and introduction
- The “past”, the “now” and the advancements of investigational gene therapy
- Gene therapy in the Nordics – site readiness preparations
- Clinical settings considerations through the prospective patient’s lens
- Discussion

16:00-16:15 Short break

Session #2

Topic: Covid-19 and coagulopathies

- Covid-19 – Results from a Swedish cohort study
Margareta Holmström

- Covid-19 in haemophilia
Michael Makris, Professor

- Vaccine-induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT)
Andreas Greinacher

Moderators: Margareta Holmström and Fariba Baghaei


Posters, exhibition and refreshments


Candle-light lecture

Moderator: Andreas Hillarp
Honorary speaker: Rolf Ljung


Get-together dinner

Day 2, Tuesday 30-11-2021


Session #3

Topic: Thrombosis from the Tromsö perspective

- Challenges for prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism (VTE)
Sigrid K. Brækkan, TREC, Tromsø

- Prothrombotic responses to hypoxia and inflammatory stimuli in endothelial cells
Casper Ullsten-Wahlund, TREC, Tromsø

- Role of platelet-derived EVs in the pathogenesis of VTE
Omri Snir, TREC, Tromsø

- Complement factors and future risk of VTE
John-Bjarne Hansen, TREC, Tromsø

Moderators: John-Bjarne Hansen och Sigrid Brekkan


Coffee break and exhibition


CSL Behring Satellite Symposium #4

Topic and speakers to be announced

11:00-11:15 Short break

Session #4

Topic: Challenges for the Coagulation Laboratory

- Assay discrepancies
Andreas Hillarp

- Work-up of the bleeding patient, when to start and when to stop
Eva Zetterberg

- Strategies for detecting rare thrombophilia variants
Bengt Zöller

Moderators: Eva Zetterberg and Andreas Hillarp


Lunch and exhibition


Session #5

Topic: von Willebrand disease – 95 years after its discovery.

- Current guidelines
Timea Szanto, MD, PhD

- Unmet needs
Riitta Lassila, Professor of Coagulation Medicine, University of Helsinki

Moderators: Riitta Lassila and Andreas Hillarp

13:45-14:00 Short break

Novo Nordisk Satellite Symposium #5

Topic: Rare Bleeding disorder

- The life changing injection - Her story
Ulla Hedner, Professor

- Management of Acquired Haemophilia in the Nordic countries
Eva Zetterberg, MD, PhD, Associate professor

- Women and rare bleeding disorders
Elina Lehtinen, MD, PhD, Adjunct professor

Moderator: Eva Birgitte Leinøe, Consultant, MD Phd


Coffee break and exhibition


Session #6

Topic: Platelets - from the lab bench to antithrombotic treatment

- Platelet function defects studied with NGS – present and future perspectives
Eva Leinøe

- Platelet function testing by flow cytometry – experiences from clinical settings
Sofia Ramström

- Gradient-dependent inhibition – new insights into the modulation of platelet function
Ankit Macwan

- Platelet inhibition in acute coronary syndromes – is bleeding risk the next focus?
Joakim Alfredsson

- Platelet function during cardiac surgery - new perspectives
Mattias Törnudd

Moderators: Tomas Lindahl and Sofia Ramstöm


Posters, exhibition and refreshments


Dinner in congress hall

Day 3, Wednesday 1-12-2021


Sobi Satellite Symposium #6

Topic: Haemophilia Real-World Data in a Nordic setting

- Management of Health-Related QoL Impairment, Including Pain, Depression and Anxiety, in People with Hemophilia A and B (the Nordic MIND Study)
Fariba Baghaei

- Real-World Usage of rFIXFc in Sweden: A Report from the Swedish National Registry for Bleedings Disorders
Jan Astermark, Professor

Moderator: Jan Astermark, Professor


Coffee break and exhibition


Session #7

Topic: New aspects on screening for VTE

- Genetic diagnostics of thrombophilia in Malmö diet and cancer study
Christer Hallden, Professor of Biomedical Genetics, Kristianstad University

- Thrombophilia and clinical manifestations in Malmö diet and cancer study
Johan Elf, Docent, Department of Coagulation Disorders, Lund University

- Genetic diagnostics and clinical manifestations of inherited antithrombin deficiency
Lina Ekdahl, Consultant, Department of Coagulation Disorders and Clinical Chemistry, Skåne University Hospital, Lund University

- Laboratory diagnostics of thrombophilia today and future directions
Karin Strandberg, Docent and Consultant, Department of Translational Medicine, Skåne University Hospital, Lund University

Moderators: Peter Svensson, Professor Department of Coagulation Disorders, Lund University and Bengt Zöller, Professor in Family Medicine, Skåne University Hospital, Lund University

11:45-12:00 Short break

Session #8

Topic: NOAC and reversal agents

Moderators: Tomas Lindahl and Jovan Antovic
Speakers: Tomas Lindahl, Jovan Antovic, Mark Crowther


Formal closure of the meeting


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